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MEMBERS ONLY: Print Out Your E-Books!


You might not know this, but all of Animation Resources’s downloadable e-books are formatted to be printed out on a laser printer using double sided 8 1/2 x 11 three hole punch paper. The resolution is as high as with traditional printing, so using a color laser printer, your printout will look as good as a printed book. If you don’t have a laser printer, just take the PDF file down to your local instant print store on a thumb drive and they can print them for you.

Assistant Archivist, Nicholas John Pozega shares these photos of printouts he made of the Bateman book. He plans to print out all of the e-books and keep them in reference binders near his desk. Pretty neat, huh?!


The e-books you get in our bi-monthly Reference Packs are jam packed with great art that you can’t get anywhere else. Print your own first editions!

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