Censorship: Art or Pornography?

Alberto Vargas

This week, Google AdSense informed Animation Resources that illustrations by the legendary Alberto Varga from Esquire magazine in the 1920s violated their ban on pornography. We are appealing the decision to deactivate our account. This is a serious problem for educational institutions. Spread the word.

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3 Responses to “Censorship: Art or Pornography?”

  1. Randall Kamp writes: “Animation Resources” + many other “Art” sites/pages are important for appreciation + learning about artistic expression + how relevant art is in many areas of life. All over the world museums + galleries display works depicting the human form, from a very explicit neolithic “Venus” to Roman + Greek art, the Renaissance + many modern works explore the human form + expressions of “Humanity” in all it’s forms. Are going to accept these “Figleaves” in this modern technological age? I encourage everyone who values artistic expression(Whether you agree with the artist/their works) to help these stop this Censorship. Add your words of encouragement to the “Animation Resources” pages or any other site/pages that you know are being persecuted by these

  2. Steve Black says:

    In the 21st century it’s amazing that the blue nosed dictators of propriety feel that the human form is something offensive to human decency. Shame on Google AdSense would find beauty something that is to be shunned. Grow up North America.

  3. Mckay Boxberger says:

    I have been visiting the Animation Resources ever since I was in high school, and I still go to it even till this day. This wonderful site has given me so much insight about every context regarding art and cartooning. Even so much that it has changed my entire outlook on art all together. I don’t think that there is or ever will be another site like this. I’d be eternally grateful if nothing should happen to this website. Otherwise it would hurt every ones creativity as well as mine.

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