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Animation Resources Podcasting Project

Animation Resources has embarked on an exciting podcasting project to expand our services to the worldwide animation community. We live stream our events to Facebook and present a wide range of interviews, lectures and screenings from our headquarters in Los Angeles. Our intent is to use state of the art technology to encourage communication between Animation Creative League chapters in other cities.


Usually, our podcasts are streamed live to Facebook, and are available there for 24 hours after first airing. Login to the Members Only Download Page for an archive of podcasts from the past 30 days.

YouTube Link:

SEMINAR 001: Nestor Redondo BG Layout Teaser
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In this podcast Animation Resources President shares some amazing background layouts by comics artist Nestor Redondo and discusses the job of a background designer. (This is a teaser. The full video is available to members only.) Posted July 24th, 2017 / Length: 2:00:00

ANIMATION INTERVIEW 001: Andrew Chesworth
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In this podcast Animation Resources Vice President Michael Woodside interviews Animator/Designer/Director Andrew Chesworth. They discuss the journey that led Andrew into a career in Animation through MAKE, Walt Disney Animation Studios and beyond. Other topics include his creative process and influences. Both students and professionals will find plenty of thought provoking ideas in this podcast. Posted June 19th, 2017 / Length: 58:46

ARCHIVE 001: About Our Archive Database
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In this podcast, the archive director Stephen Worth demonstrates our database of reference material and outlines our plans for the future. If you are an animator, cartoonist or illustrator, you will want to be a part of Animation Resources. JOIN TODAY at this link…
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Aired 10/11/16 / Pre-recorded / 22:16

BOOK LOOK 001: Taschen’s Disney Film Archive
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For Independent Creators

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In this podcast, the archive director Stephen Worth presents a “Book Look” featuring Taschen’s new book, “The Walt Disney Film Archives 1921-1968”. Posted October 14, 2016 / Length: 31:06

You can order a copy of this great book for yourself at

Cubby Bear

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“Opening Night” “Love’s Labor Won” “The Last Mail” “Bubbles & Troubles” (1933)
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Aired 08/28/16 / MPembers Only Download / 34:13 / 875 MB Download

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Warming Up Exercises

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Lesson Page:
Aired 08/27/16 / MP4 Video File / 1:05:36 / 1.3 GB Download

Buster Keaton Fatty Arbuckle Al St John

SUNDAY SCREENING 001: Arbuckle & Keaton
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“The Cook” and “Backstage” (1917)

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Aired 08/21/16 / Members Only Download / 43:10 / 1.2 GB Download

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