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Animation Resources Podcasting Project


In 2016, Animation Resources embarked on a project to create audio podcasts for our members on a variety of topics. Initially hosted by Michael Woodside, the project was later turned over to Animation Resources Board Member Davey Jarrell. Along with the help of Stephen Worth and Taber Dunipace, Davey produced a wide range of live programs on our Discord server under the title “Discord Discussions”… an analysis of Chuck Jones’ timing process for “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”; interviews with Joe Murray, Lenord Robinson and Craig Bartlett; as well as seminars on advice for independent animators and use of reference. These were recorded and shared with the members of Animation Resources on our Members Only Download Page.

Live Streaming Project

The success of these programs encouraged us in 2022 to take it one step further by creating a live streaming channel. Davey teamed up with Board Member David Eisman to spec out the necessary equipment and technology to be able to serve live video to the entire world. It took us nearly a year to raise the funds, but we now have a first class streaming server.

Our live streams fall under three headings:

ANIMATED DISCUSSIONS: (Hosted by Davey Jarrell) These programs are the continuation of the “Discord Discussions” series, consisting of interviews, seminars and panel discussions on subjects of interest to artists.

MOVIE NIGHT: (Hosted by David Eisman) A monthly program consisting of samples of rare animated films from Animation Resources’ digital archive. Each film is discussed and put into context.

MEMBERS UPDATE: (open hosting) In these programs we give our members a peek behind the scenes at Animation Resources, sharing what we are working on and talking about our plans for the future. We will have chat feedback, so the audience can interact with the program and ask questions.

These streams are announced at least a week in advance on the Animation Resources site and across our social media. At this point in time, the live streams are open and available to the general public, but they will not be publicly archived after the program has ended. If you miss a stream, you will need to be a member of Animation Resources and login to our Members Only page, where we have an archive of our recent podcasts.


Live streaming video is expensive. If you would like to support the project, please consider JOINING Animation Resources. With more members, we have more funding to produce more programs.


PayPalAnimationAnimation Resources depends on your contributions to support its projects. Even if you can’t afford to join our group right now, please click the button below to donate whatever you can afford using PayPal.

Recent Programs

Members Update 001

Members Update 001:live streaming server! Don’t miss our inaugural program. Join us as we kick the tires and work out the bugs and we’ll let you know the exciting plans for our podcasting project in the coming year. We’ll also catch up on the latest Animation Resources reference pack, which is chock full of more rare educational content than any reference pack to date. We’ll be screening a rare UPA cartoon too!

View MU:001 – Live Streaming / RefPack047

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