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The Animation Creative League is a group of cartoonists, film makers and other like-minded creative folks who are interested in building a community to support independent animation in the Los Angeles area.

Creative League Screening Room
The Animation Creative League Clubhouse

The Creative League currently meets once a month for networking, informal discussion, screenings, friendly critique of work in progress, and guest speakers. The topics of the meetings will cover the full spectrum of creativity- music, art, cartooning, dance, filmmaking, animation, comedy and drama. The goal is to inspire and empower independent animation creators. Because of space limitations in our screening room, as well as to facilitate open discussion, attendance at the meetings is strictly limited to just 12 people. As the group grows, we will add additional Saturday meetings during the month to accomodate more people.

Creative League Screening Room

The calendar of Creative League events is posted in the sidebar of this site to the left, and also on the Facebook group page titled “Animation Creative League”. Attendance at Creative League meetings is by invitation only. To reserve a confirmation to attend, you must email the group administrator Taber Dunnipace at for information. Space is limited. As a courtesy to the rest of the members of our group, do not request a confirmation if you do not plan to attend, and let us know immediately if your plans change so we can offer your space to another member.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact the group administrator, Taber Dunnipace at…

…and join the Animation Creative League Facebook Group to get notifications of all calendar dates.

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Stephen Worth

3 Responses to “Meta: Join The Creative League”

  1. Mike Vosburg says:

    This is a really impressive site. I love the fact that you are really stressing the basics on drawing and storytelling; if you master those, everything else is so much easier. However, the reality that it takes a lifetime to do so, is fairly daunting to most newcomers to the discipline.
    Keep up the good work. you might find my own blog on drawing and storytelling a good source from time to time:
    Mike Vosburg

  2. kelly says:

    Hello, i have hitch hiked from Philadelphia and posted up in California for a few months. I have been doing comics for punk bands and mostly shits and giggles. Checked out this site for years and i love whats been going on with it! Cheers!

  3. Robin James says:

    Just read your write up on Felix Lorioux. I am reading a book called Empty Mansions. It’s about WA Clark. But most about his daughter Huguette Clark. She had a long standing arrangement with Mr. Lorioux. She hired him to do illustrations until he got too old to keep up.
    I have looked at what is on the web site and wondered if you found any of the illustrations he did for her.

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