Bakshi on Truth

All directors and writers lie. They make movies about lying. They try to tame the masses. They write about what they think will make money. They are writing to entertain people in theaters. They are not writing about what they really feel. I never thought in those terms. I just wanted to write about what I thought was right. Pandering to an audience never entered my mind. I was not sitting there thinking about who is sitting in the theaters watching my picture. My whole attitude has been, “I hope you like my picture. I really want you to like my picture. But, if you don’t, I don’t give a shit.” I did lie to the motion picture companies about what the pictures were about. I told the studios that Heavy Traffic would be another Fritz the Cat. My sell for the movie companies was nothing like the end result. I didn’t mind if I didn’t tell the truth to the motion picture companies. – Ralph Bakshi

Bakshi in the Brooklyn Rail

2 Responses to “Bakshi on Truth”

  1. OK, now I get it. As an artist, we can’t just lie to people of get stuck in our own little worlds, we should face things as they really are so that we could put our artist lisences into them

  2. Mr. Bakshi, in our concurrent time, we’ve learned a really important lesson: you can’t wallow in despair; face things as they really are so that we could caricature and exaggerate them in our own minds.

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