Animation: "Swing, You Sinners"

Swing You Sinners

Animated by Ted Sears and Willard Bowsky, with an eye-popping surreal ending by Grim Natwick, “Swing, You Sinners” was the first of many Fleischer cartoons that mixed surrealism, cartoony ghosts & goblins, and hot jazz. While other studios built their cartoons around fairy tale stories or topical gags, the Fleischers constructed cartoons in the same way jazz music was constructed… statement of the theme, a series of variations and a big finish.

Today, this important film was inducted into our digital collection.

Swing You Sinners
Swing You Sinners
Swing You Sinners

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5 Responses to “Animation: "Swing, You Sinners"”

  1. Andy says:

    Wow! Haven’t seen this one in ages – looks better than ever. Thanks so much for the hard work and for posting the results. I love the very early Fleischer shorts – they’re so unselfconscious and unpretentious – just wacky and whimsical drawing.

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  3. Fred Fep says:

    Swing You Sinners- Who is the band?

  4. I have this soundtrack on the second Betty boop album or a tape. I might have this very cartoon on a Betty boop VHS or off a special on tcm. There is a bit about cab Calloway milk, but tha

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