Inbetweens: EC Horror Comics Covers

The EC Horror line (Tales From The Crypt, Haunt of Fear, Vault of Horror) had one of the most talented artistic staffs ever to work in comics… Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Elder, John Severin… the list goes on and on. These are among the best drawn comic books ever created. Here is a gallery of covers for you to peruse…

This week, Eddie Fitzgerald has been discussing Wally Wood’s work for EC on his blog, “Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner”. These two posts are well worth reading…


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  1. Eric Noble says:

    I love the classic EC Comics. If there is only one fault I can find with them, it’s that Al Feldstein’s text often overpowered the illustrations, even for the short story format they were. It took away from the storytelling flow the artists tried to establish.

    Their covers are SPECTACULAR though. These are exactly the kind of covers that would attract readers. I know they attracted me when I see the reprints in comic book shops.

  2. Something about that pulpwood medium these comics were made on. The paper was so cheap, if you looked closely enough you could see slivers of bark and wood interwoven in the pulp. The paper had a peculiar odor. This was especially noticeable if the magazine came in contact with a high humidity environment, or touched water. The imagination that went into these EC comics, including the pre-55 Mad magazines were thought provoking. That is no small task, considering that the key demographic were teens and young adults. Science fiction, and naughty adult fiction paperbacks got their start in similar pulpwood. One could suppose that the medium created an atmosphere of its own. An atmosphere that captured the creative talent of those remarkable few, and distributed them in an irregular fashion all across the nation. Back when the world was as big as your imagination, an as small as the money in your wallet.

  3. canada eh? says:

    William Gaines insisted that the covers be uncluttered ( a cluttered cover made the comic harder to sell). He didn’t care if inside the art was cluttered in the stories.

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