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Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

President’s Message: Exciting News To Announce!

Presidents Message

This year, our animation archive project marks its tenth year in operation. We’ve survived many challenges, but we have accomplished a great deal thanks to the unflagging support of our online friends and wonderful crew of volunteers. Now it’s time to take the project to the next level.

Stephen Worth and June ForayStephen Worth and June ForayFor the past four years, I have been working with the dedicated group of individuals on our Board of Directors and Advisory Board to establish a firm foundation for the organization as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Everyone on our team is committed to serving the worldwide animation community and promoting the cause of creativity through the medium of the animated film. I can’t think of a better goal than that!

We have some exciting plans for the future, and today we are taking the first step towards making them a reality… We want YOU to be a part of our plans!

Join Animation Resources

I’m proud to announce our inaugural membership drive. Animation Resources is now accepting applications for Charter Membership at $75 a year. The annual dues for full time students are $50. (Information on Corporate and Institutional Memberships are also available upon request.) Your support will help us maintain and expand the programs we have undertaken, as well as establishing exciting new projects. If you are interested in learning about the details about our plans for the future, please RSVP to attend our Annual Membership Meeting on January 17th, 2015. For an invitation, please contact Taber Dunipace at

I’m also proud to announce some new features on this website for our Charter Members… Effective immediately, Animation Resources Members will have access to a special Members Only Download Page where they will receive exclusive Reference Packs on a bi-monthly basis. Each “RefPack” will each contain a high resolution PDF e-book and two rare animation videos in full DVD quality. The material in the RefPacks is curated by the Advisory Board and Officers of Animation Resources with the intent of educating and inspiring creative artists around the world. Members will be allowed to download these invaluable resources for their own personal use and study, but each RefPack will only be available for a limited time. At the end of the two month period, they will be deleted from the server and may never be available again.

Creative LeagueCreative LeagueWe will also be sponsoring monthly Creative League meetings for our members with screenings of live action films, documentaries and animation specifically selected to help you grow as an artist. At Creative League events you can network and share ideas with other animation professionals and independent artists. We are building a community of creative people in Los Angeles and you will definitely want to be a part of it. Members of Animation Resources are admitted to our Creative League events at no charge, but we request a small donation at the door from non-members.

As our membership grows, we will make more and more material from our collection available via the internet. It will also allow us to sponsor more in-person events for the local animation community. So share Animation Resources with your friends, encourage them to join, and consider sponsoring a needy student with a gift membership. As our membership list grows, your benefits of membership will grow as well!



Thank you for your support. We look forward to having you as a member of our group!

Stephen Worth
President, Animation Resources
January 6th, 2015



Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Press Release: Animation Resources- A New Nonprofit Serving The Animation Community

San Fernando Valley, CA, January 17 2015

Animation Resources is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that aims to educate, support and encourage the animation community. Through membership, the organization focuses on preserving the past, inspiring the present, and cultivating the future of the medium of animation. An overarching service for the worldwide animation community, as well as resources, events, and activities are coordinated through the website, at

One of the primary functions of the organization is to be a leader in the industry for preserving the history of animation through The Animation Resources Animation Archive. Currently, the Archive houses over 8,000 digitized animated films, over 150,000 high-resolution images, and over 1000 artist biographies. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in the creation and growth of the Archive, allowing them even closer proximity to the artwork that has inspired centuries of artists. With enough funding, the goal is to syndicate the entire collection to universities, libraries, and museums around the world through Cloud services.

Animation Resources inspires the present by showcasing the incredible artists who are working today. Visiting curators broaden the scope of content, educational screenings and lectures will be made available, and networking opportunities for aspiring professionals will unite the animation community at large.

Through the previously mentioned resources, Animation Resources cultivates the future by helping the next generation of filmmakers hone their skills and tastes to elevate the craft of animation. While students benefit from the immense wealth of educational resources on hand, independent animators and industry professionals will also find a near inexhaustible supply of inspiration. As guidance, Animation Resources is overseen by an advisory board of professionals from throughout the animation community, including Ralph Bakshi, David Chai, Sherm Cohen, Will Finn, John Kricfaclusi, Steve Stanchfield, Mike Van Eaton and JJ Sedelmeier. The day to day operations of Animation Resources are also overseen by a board of directors, working in various capacities throughout the industry, and their individual bios can be seen and accessed at

The membership dues are an annual fee of $75 for professionals & enthusiasts, and $50 for students. The membership gains access to 12 DVD quality cartoons per year from the archive, many of which have never been seen by the general public, as well as 6 high resolution 150 page e-books each year, covering topics such as “Zim’s Correspondence School of Cartooning,” “Comic Art & Caricature,” “H. M. Bateman’s Suburbia & Burlesque,” and “Hans Holbein’s Dance of Death and Illustrations from the Bible.” Additional details about membership levels can be found at

Animation Resources is based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, but is accessible worldwide through, additional information about the history of the organization can be found at


Stephen Worth


The Goals And Projects of Animation Resources:

KCET: Animation Resources Aims To Build A Massive Digital Archive Of Cartoon Art:

Animation Resources on Facebook:

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

STUDENTS: Apply For A Sponsorship to Join Animation Resources

Sponsor A Student

Are you a student that wants to be a member of Animation Resources, but can’t afford it? Send three sentences explaining why it will help you being a member along with a link to an example of your work to We are going to create a “Sponsor a Student” page where people can pay for your student dues for a year. Beyond that, it’s up to you. But here is your chance for a leg up. (Please do not apply if you can afford the $50. This is for students who really need it.)