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Early Cartoonists

The Encyclopedia of Cartooning is the newest part of the Animation Resources website, and it’s still very much under construction. If you are interested in what we plan to do in this space, have a seat and listen to this interview with Stephen Worth where he outlines the history of cartooning and talks about the issues that will be a big part of this section of the Animation Resources site…

A-HAA Podcast hosted by Michael Woodside and Danny Young: Stephen Worth on the History of Cartooning



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  1. Greg Chick says:

    “Play safe”, or Fiddle sticks or other cartoons are great history. I would like to know some very interesting details such as who first did “Eat at Joes” or who first did all those signature sounds and antics that became standards? Who created those lambs that Mighty Mouse saved? they were in other cartoons… as was that school teacher that danced and who first did riding hood or cinderella who first tied up someone and put them on railroad tracts?

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