Inbetweens: Will Finn on Style

Will Finn on Style

Style is important in drawing and sometimes in cartooning it seems like everything. But to me, style can become a kind of mannerism that gets carried away with itself. It can be a straightjacket as much as a hallmark.

If there was one thing I would encourage young and beginning artists to do it would be draw who and what is around you, with less emphasis on graphic style and with more intention on capturing likeness and understanding of the things you are drawing. -Will Finn

Read both of Will’s articles on this subject at his wonderful blog…

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  1. This is insightful info! Also, just today Steve, I overcame two mental roadblocks that ive had when it came to drawing–whether copying someone else’s work exactly like it is is the right thing to do for an artist (yes!) and Second guessing whether even great drawings are worth copying because you’re afraid that a perfectionist like Richard Williams would be able to find a “mistake” in them.

    Wow, I feel like an idiot for not tracking down these mental blocks sooner, but hey, deep sadness and life learning will do a lot for you!

    All the same, thanks for posting these, Steve!

  2. Mckay Boxberger says:

    I’ve read this not to long ago!

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