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Biography: Bill Hanna

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Birth:14 July 1910
Death: March 22, 2001


Director, Animator, Producer, Composer, Screenwriter, Story Editor,

Bio Summary

In 1931, he began working as a story editor and assistant to Harman-Ising. Later in 1933 through 1937; he worked with Warner Brothers, as a director and story editor He later went on to work for MGM Studios in 1937 which he directed his first animated feature Blue Monday. In 1938; he teamed up with Joseph Barbera as joint directors Warner brothers. Primarily they made Tom and Jerry shorts which totaled up to over 100. From 1940 to 1955 Hanna worked as co-head, with Barbera Animation Department. until 1955-57 when he and Barbera co-founded Hanna-Barbera Productions, 3 years later (1960) they went on to produce the very first animated prime time show, The Flintstones, which aired from 1960-66. Hanna was the executive producer for Once Upon a Forest. in 1993 he directed the ABC specials I Yabba Dabba Do and Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby; executive producer, The Flintstones movie, 1994; director (his first solo directorial effort since 1941), Cartoon Network’s World Premiere Toons project of the original cartoon short Hard Luck Duck, 1995.
Early Life/Family
Hanna’s father was a construction worker. He moved the family from job to job before finally settling them in Los Angeles in 1919. soon after, William became Boy Scout. He joined the new organization quickly and remained an active participant in it through his entire life. It was here where he also started down the path of animation. when he was out working with his father one day, he learned that Warner Brothers was going to be starting an animation division. With strong natural talents and no formal training, he went looking for work. He landed himself a job and rose quickly through the studio. He was married to Violet Wogatzke, they had two children David and Bonnie.

Early Life/Family


William Hanna studied to become a structural engineer but had to drop out of college with the onset of the Depression. He Studied journalism and engineering

Career Outline

1931- Story editor and assistant to Harman-Ising.
1933 -1937 – Warner Brothers, as a director and story editor
1937 – MGM Studios
1940 -1955 co-head of Barbera Animation Department.
1955-Present – He co-founded Hanna-Barbera Productions,

Comments On Style

He and barbera created some of the most popular cartoons of their time some of which till show today. The impact they had was tremendous their cartoon were and still are enjoyed today.




During a partnership that spanned over sixty years of film and television, Hanna and Barbera worked with over 2,000 animated characters.
Hanna and Barbera worked together for fifty years, they created of a 100 cartoons and TV specials. Tom & jerry won seven academy awards.



1938 Blue Monday,
1945; Anchors Aweigh,
1946; Holiday in Mexico,
1949; Neptune’s Daughter,
1952; Dangerous When Wet,
1956; Invitation to Dance,
1957Ruff and Reddy
1958 Huckleberry Hound
1959 Quick Draw McGraw
1960 The Flintstones
1960 Snagglepuss
1961 The Yogi Bear Show
1961 Top Cat
1962 The Jetsons
1964 Jonny Quest
1964 Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear,
1966; A Man Called Flintstone,
1966 Alice in Wonderland
1967 Project X,
1967 Fantastic Four
1967 Jack and the Beanstalk
1969 Scooby Doo
1971 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
1972 The Flintstones Comedy Hour
1972 The Last of the Curlews
1973 Yogi’s Gang
1973 Superfriends
1973 Charlotte’s Web,
1974 The Runaways
1974 Cyrano
1977 The Gathering
1979 The Gathering, Part II
1978- The New Fantastic Four
1979 Caspar’s First Christmas
1979 The Popeye Valentine Special: Sweethearts at Sea
1981 The Smurfs (co-production with Sepp Int.)
1982 Pac-Man
1982 Heidi’s Song,
1982 My Smurfy Valentine
1982 Yogi Bear’s All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper 1985 Smurfily-Ever-After
1984 Going Bananas
1985 The Jetsons
1985 Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera
1986 Foofur
1986 The Flintstones’ 25th Anniversary Celebration 1989 Hagar the Horrible
1986 Pound Puppies
1986; Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords,
1986 The Flintstone Kids
1986 Wildfire
1987 Snorks
1987 Sky Commanders
1987 Popeye and Son
1987 The Stone Fox
1990 Jetsons: The Movie,
1993 I Yabba-Dabba Do!
1993 Captain Planet
1994 The New Adventures of Captain Planet
1994 The Pagemaster,
1994. The Flintstones, (movie)


Seven Oscars,
Eight Emmy Awards Governor’s Award,
Television Arts and Sciences; Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, 1976;
Golden IKE Award,
Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1977
Pacific Pioneers in Broadcasting, 1983
Pioneer Award, BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.),
1987; Iris Award-NATPE Men of the Year, 1988
Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association Award for Lifetime Achievement, 1988
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Governors Award, 198
Jackie Coogan Award for Outstanding Contribution to Youth through Entertainment Youth in Film,
1988; Frederic W. Ziv Award for Outstanding Achievement in Telecommunications, Broadcasting Division, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, 1989
Elected to Television Academy Hall of Fame, 1991

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