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Biography: Ralph Bakshi

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Born: 29 October 1938 Haifa, Palestine [now Israel]


Artist, Director, Producer, Writer, Painter, Cartoonist


Last Days of Coney Island – Producer, Director, Animator, Artist 2015
Spicy City – Producer 1995
Malcolm & Melvin and HB Babe He Calls Me – Writer, Director, Producer 1995
The Cool & the Crazy 1994
Cool World Director 1993
Dr. Seuss The Butter Battle Book – Director 1989
Tattertown – Writer, Director, Producer 1988
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures – Producer 1987
This Ain’t Be Bop – Writer, Director, Producer 1986
Harlem Shuffle – Director 1985
Fire and Ice – Director, Producer 1983
American Pop – Director, Producer 1982
Hey Good Lookin – Writer, Director, Producer 1980
The Lord of the Rings – Director 1978
Wizards – Writer, Director, Producer 1977
Coonskin – Writer, Director 1975
Heavy Traffic – Writer, Director, Producer 1973
Fritz the Cat – Writer, Director, Producer 1972
Spiderman – Director 1967-68
Fanta Commerials (selected) – Creator & Director – Commercials w/ Peter Max 1968
Rocket Robin Hood – Director 1967
Marvin Diggs, Bickersons (Paramount Cartoon Studios) – Director 1967
Mighty Heroes (Terrytoons) – Creator & Director
James Hound, Sad Cat, Spiderman, Deputy Dawg (Terrytoons) – Director
James Hound, Heckyl & Jeckyl, Lariat Sam, Foofle (Terrytoons) – Animator


Annie Award: Winsor McCay Lifetime Achievement Award 1988
Several films inducted into the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
American Cinematheque: Egyptian Theater Retrospective

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