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Instruction: $100k Animation Drawing Course 02 – Squash and Stretch / The Head

NOTE: Do not move on to this lesson unless you have completed Lesson One


Read John Kricfalusi’s introduction to this lesson at…

Animation School Lesson 2: Squash & Stretch On The Head

Then READ and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS Preston Blair gives you on this page…

Preston Blair

Construct the dog’s head, in various expressions.

Maintain the basic volume of the form you are distorting to create the expressions.

Pay attention to the differences in the way that the cranium and jaw distort.

Pay attention to the way the cheeks move up and down as the character smiles or frowns.

Draw the exercise and look for mistakes. Then draw it again and correct them.

When you are satisfied with your drawings, post them on your blog.

PLEASE NOTE: The procedure for getting your blog listed on this page has changed. Due to the overwhelming response to this course, I don’t have time to add each student’s link by hand. Your assignment will be automatically linked at the bottom of this page if you…

  • Click on “links to this post” at the bottom of this posting.
  • Click on “create a link”.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code into your completed assignment for lesson number 9.
  • Publish your post.

Your page will automatically be added to the list of links.

Do not delete or edit your posts or change the title after you have posted them. You will need them later to chart your progress.

Stephen Worth
Animation Resources


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