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UPDATE: Thanks to our great friends Alex, Sherm, Steven, David and Andreas, and a couple of new members, the cost of the hard drives have been covered. I just ordered them and our disk array should be back up and healthy by Friday. Thank you everyone! You’re great!

ORIGINAL POST: Today two hard disk drives in our Archive Disk Array crashed at one time. One third of our data was lost. We have a backup safely stored offsite, but we need to restore the disk array before we can migrate the data back into the digital archive. At this point, Animation Resources’ bank account is very low. We are asking for people who find what we do to be valuable to support us now and help us purchase new hard drives.

A 4TB NAS hard drive costs $150. We need at least three of them right away. If you can contribute using our PayPal button below, we would greatly appreciate it. If you have been planning to join Animation Resources and haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is the time when your membership dues can be put to the most important use.

Thank you for supporting our project.

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