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Encyclopedia: Introduction – Definitions

The Encyclopedia of Cartooning is the newest part of the Animation Resources website, and it’s still very much under construction. If you are interested in what we plan to do in this space, have a seat and listen to this interview with Stephen Worth where he outlines the history of cartooning and talks about the issues that will be a big part of this section of the Animation Resources site…

A-HAA Podcast hosted by Michael Woodside and Danny Young: Stephen Worth on the History of Cartooning


  • Employs aspects of stylized simplification, exaggeration and caricature to create an impression of hyper-reality.
  • Drawn using two dimensional line to define the illusion of three dimensional forms.
  • Often employs critical social satire- commenting upon and making fun of the rich and powerful, social and ethnic differences, or the foolishness and stupidity of humanity.
  • Subject matter sometimes includes elements of fantasy or anthropomorphism.
  • Inexpensively mass produced on cheap paper.
  • Sold for a very small price in large quantities. Even the poorest person can afford it.
  • The target audience is the common person.

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