Animation: Early 40s Looney Tunes Placemats

Warner Bros Week

Here’s a week full of Looney Tunes fun courtesy of Animation Resources supporter, Mike Fontanelli. Check out these great placemat designs from the early 40s!

Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week
Warner Bros Week

Thanks, Mike!

Stephen Worth
Animation Resources


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5 Responses to “Animation: Early 40s Looney Tunes Placemats”

  1. Shade says:

    Since Bugs and Elmer are featured on these mats, then they have to be from circa1941 instead of from the late ’30s.

  2. Landa says:

    I own the set of these placemats and have been looking for something like them for years on the internet. Mine also have the original music for each day of the week and lyrics on the back.

  3. Liim Lsan says:

    I don’t trust placemats that say that cows only need to be milked once a week. XD

  4. Tombobo says:

    Why are there both Man size and regular sized mice?

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