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Biography: Chic Young

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YOUNG, Murat Bernard “Chic”


Birth: 9 January 1901

Death: 14 March 1973


American Cartoonist

Bio Summary

Early Life/Family

Young was born in Chicago, Illinois. Attended High School in St. Louis, and worked in offices and on the Chicago railways while attempting to find work in the art world. Married Athel Lindorf ( a former professional harpist), and had two children Dean and Jeane.


High School in St. Louis, training with the “King Features Syndicate”.

Career Outline

In 1923, Young moved to New York to work with King Features Syndicate and in 1924 created the comic stripDumb Dora, which ran for six years.
Seeking a change, in 1930 Young created Blondie, which almost immediately became the most popular comic strip in America. 
His other works include the strip Colonel Pottersby and the Duchess, which ran from 1935 through 1963.

Comments On Style

Style was loose and simple, but very creative and detailed for a comic strip. His style had heavy, dark, clean outlines with an early 1900’s feel.


Young had an older brother named Lyman Young, who was also a comic strip artist, most famous for the strip Tim Tyler’s Luck.






National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award, 1948

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