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Biography: Harvey Eisenberg

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Birth: 1912

Death: 1965


Cartoonist, Animator, Layout Artist

Bio Summary

Early Life/Family

Has one son by the name of Jerry, who works in the entertainment industry.


The best training Harvey recieved started when he started working as an inker at the Fleischer studio at age 18.

Career Outline

Inker/Assistant Animator at Fleishcer studio, 1930-31 and at Van Buren studio from 30-36.
Worked on Tom and Jerry from 1941 to 45 as a layout artist.
Worked again with Hanna-Barbera from 1960-1965 as a Character Designer, Layout artist, and storyboarder.

Comments On Style

Was able to achieve great sense of weight and movement within the characters.



Versatile and funny.



He was co-owner of Dearfield Publishing Co. and Foxy Fagan with Joe Barbera which was not very well known.


Tom and Jerry series.
1942 – Fraidy Cat
1943 – Sufferin’ Cats, The Lonesome Mouse.
1944 – The “Zoot Cat,” The Million dollar Cat, The Bodyguard, Puttin’ on the Dog, Mouse Trouble, The Yankee Doodle Mouse.
1945 – The Mouse Comes to Dinner, Mouse in Manhattan, Tee for Two, Quiet Please.
1960-65 – Top Cat and various TV specials.


Nothing with a statue, but he was the first to adapt “Huckleberry Hound” and “Yogi Bear” to comic books for Dell’s Four Color comic book.

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