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Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Biography: Bill Crawford

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Birth: 1913
Death: 1982


editorial cartoonist

Bio Summary

Crawford’s cartoons were distributed to over 700 newspapers by the Newspaper Enterprise Association, the very first syndicate to disperse cover stories, features, illustrations and cartoons to the newspaper publishers.
He was an editorial cartoonist for the Newark News from 1938-1961. IN the 1960’s and 70’s he was the cheif editorial cartoonist of the Newspaper Enterprise Association.A dedicated member of the National Cartoonist Society, Crawford served in both President and Vice Presidential terms for the foundation. In addition to his editorial cartooning, he also illustrated more than 20 books, including: Christmas Story(1941), The Zebra Derby(1946),
In addition, Crawford also taught at the Newark School of Fine and Applied Arts at Rutgers University.

Early Life/Family

Wife Claire Olita Trillo, son Judge Dale A. Crawford, daughter, Katherine Gilbert


Ohio State University- bachelors degree in Fine Art
Study abroad -Paris

Career Outline

Newark News- Editorial Cartoonist 1938-1961
Newspaper Enterprise Association- Chief Editorial Cartoonist 1960’s-70’s
National Cartoonist Society- President, Vice President
Teacher- Newark School of Fine and Applied Arts , Rutgers

Comments On Style

Crawford’s editorial style utilized labels and stereotypical metaphorical representations of political figures. He tended to illustrate them in a childish manner, creating obvious humor.




“The student of cartooning should, it seems to me, face one basic fact-his drawing problem Exclusive of subject matter, it is exactly the same as it is in the most serious for, of art. In a nutshell, the cartoonist and the artist in the ivory tower must arrange lines and shapes on a two dimensional surface in an interesting or convincing fashion…”
William “Bill “Crawford




National Cartoonist Society
-“Best Editorial Cartoon ” 1957, 1957,1958, 1963
-Silver T- Square Award 1973

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