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Friday, March 13th, 2009

Comics: People On Paper (MGM/1945)

My friend Bill Turner was watching TCM the other night when he spotted a program that he knew would be great for us…

Cartoonists People On Paper

This is a 1945 MGM short subject that shows the top newspaper cartoonists of the day at work in their studios and homes. Bill instantly recognized several cartoonists that we’ve featured here on this blog in the past few weeks. (Click on the picture to see our article.)

Cartoonists People On Paper
Milton Caniff
(Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon)

Cartoonists People On Paper
Hal Foster
(Prince Valiant)

Cartoonists People On Paper
Chic Young

Cartoonists People On Paper
Al Capp
(Li’l Abner)

But that’s not all… The film also includes footage of Bud Fischer (Mutt & Jeff), Frank King (Gasoline Alley), Chester Gould (Dick Tracy), Dick Calkins (Flash Gordon), and Harold Gray (Little Orphan Annie). There’s even a little bit of animation of Li’l Abner at the end! Check it out…

Cartoonists People On Paper

"Passing Parade: People On Paper" (MGM/1945)
(Quicktime 7 / 24 megs)

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Thanks to Bill Turner for taping this for us!

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