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DRAW! Benny Mercader Shares His Studies

Animation Resources member, Benny Mercader shares a photo of a few of his Preston Blair bear heads and calls out other artists to study and work on their skills.

Benny Bears

Benny says, “Practice! Draw! Worship the Animation Resources group! Go! Draw!! ? Do NOT overlook fundamentals. Practice various facets of ‘art’. Get lost in the Animation Resources archive and pull an article and read. It’s therapy really. This is not the only way to learn to draw or what have you but preliminary exercise to pump the artist. Lots of discipline! Call yourself to action. Its that simple right?!”

FREE Online Animation Drawing Course!

Animation Resources is pleased to announce a FREE online drawing course teaching the fundamental principles of drawing for animation. The course is led by Animation Resources’ Director of Education, JoJo Baptista and it’s based on Preston Blair’s classic book, “Advanced Animation”. Over the next year or so, we’ll be working over the internet with a group of students who want to sharpen their skills and learn to draw more solidly. The course will include online lessons followed by video critique with draw-overs of students’ submitted work. The first lesson is online now- plus you can download a PDF of the entire rare first edition of the Preston Blair book!

Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation Lesson 00

If you would like to participate, follow our lessons as they are posted and send in your work for critique. As the group of students following this online course progresses, we’ll be introducing more advanced lessons. If you are a student studying animation in school, this is the perfect self-study program to supplement your formal education. If you are a professional animator, it never hurts to brush up on the fundamentals. It can shake off the cobwebs and break you of bad habits. You don’t even have to be an animator to benefit from this… illustrators and cartoonists will get a lot out of these lessons as well.

There is no charge for participating in this course, but we ask that students who benefit from this valuable information consider becoming members of Animation Resources. From time to time, we will be referring to materials on the Members Only download page, so to get the most out of this course, you should join our organization. Support the people that are helping you grow as an artist.


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