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Inbetweens: Eddie Fitzgerald on German Cartoonists


“Cartooning is in trouble, not just animation. Look at what’s in the newspapers these days. Where are the comic books, the mass market sports and theater caricatures, book illustrations, etc.?

I simply refuse to let cartooning die on my watch. An artform that’s roughly 160 years old, that has a great tradition, and which is so artistically satisfying and so cheap and accessible to the common man, shouldn’t be allowed to wither on the vine. Losing cartoons and cartooning is like losing dance or music or architecture.

Cartoonists who came before us kept the industry alive and healthy for us, now it’s our responsibility to keep it alive and healthy for the people who come after us.” –Eddie Fitzgerald


At his blog Uncle Eddie’s Theory Corner cartoonist Eddie Fitzgerald delves into the history of cartooning to bring us important names that should be part of every artists reference pool.

Uncle Eddie: Funny German Cartoonists

-Nicholas John Pozega

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