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REFPACK046: Craig Bartlett Interview

Reference Pack

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The latest Animation Resources Reference Pack has been uploaded to the server. This time we have a new podcast on the members only page…

Animated Discussions Podcast

Craig Bartlett Interview
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Animated Discussions 008 / Hosted by Davey Jarrell with Craig Bartlett

NewNew Craig Bartlett is the creator and producer of the TV shows Hey Arnold!, Dinosaur Train, and Ready Jet Go! Throughout his 40 year tenure in the animation industry, Craig has worked in nearly every style from stop-motion to hand-drawn to CG. He’s successfully adapted to many technological changes in the industry and his career shows no signs of stopping. Find out what inspires Craig and his secrets to career longevity in this episode of Animated Discussions.


AD008: Craig Bartlett Interview
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Our Podcasts section always contains the five most recent entries in our Animated Discussions series hosted by Davey Jarrell, with the balance of the episodes archived on the Annual Member Bonus Archive page.


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Whew! That is an amazing collection of treasures! At Animation Resources, our Advisory Board includes great artists and animators like Ralph Bakshi, Will Finn, J.J. Sedelmaier and Sherm Cohen. They’ve let us know the things that they use in their own self study so we can share them with you. That’s experience you just can’t find anywhere else. The most important information isn’t what you already know… It’s the information you should know about, but don’t know yet. We bring that to you every other month.

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