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Something About Yourself You Didn’t Know


I’m going to tell all of you who follow this website something about yourself that you didn’t know… At WonderCon, I watched tens of thousands of fans walk by the Animation Resources table. I had a Gertie the Dinosaur by McCay on the table, along with sketches by Milt Kahl, Preston Blair and Art Babbitt.


I watched as 99% of the people just walked on by, glancing at the drawings and saying to themselves… “Oh look, it’s Pinocchio.” “Is that the Queen from Snow White?” Then one in a hundred would walk by and do a double take. “HOLY CRAP! AN ORIGINAL WINSOR MC CAY DRAWING!” “THAT DRAWING IS SIGNED BY MILT KAHL!” I would smile to myself and rejoice. There aren’t a lot of us out there, but we still exist. Those of you who follow this website are the continuity of what these great artists started for the art of animation. Everyone else is just a fan of specific characters and films. All of us at Animation Resources are here for the people who love the art form.

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