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Animation Resources Now Has A Vice President: Michael Woodside

Michael Woodside

At our last Board of Directors meeting, we had our annual election of officers. Up to now we haven’t chosen a Vice President, but this year we unanimously decided that our Liaison to the Advisory Board, Michael Woodside is the perfect person for the job. Thank you, Michael! Congratulations!

You might remember Michael from the Animation Archive podcasts. Since he started out with us as a volunteer fresh out of animation school, he has built a fantastic career as an animator and educator. We are very proud to have him serve as the Vice President of our organization. (We might even be able to convince him to do some podcasting again!)

I’ve been serving on non-profit boards for over thirty years, and I’ve never worked with a better group of people the one I work with now. CLICK to read about all of the officers and board members of our organization.

Animation Resources

Stephen Worth
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