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The Importance of Self Study

Self Study

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly… How much time do you spend exploring new ideas and developing new skills?

Animation is a highly competitive field and the best way to maintain an edge (and a steady job!) is to constantly be learning and growing as an artist. It isn’t enough to just lean on what you already know. Styles change, animation changes, the world changes… If you don’t change with it, you’ll be left in the dust. This is just as true for students as it is established artists. When you stop learning and growing, you might as well be dead.

The road to success involves studying things you DON’T know about, not just looking at the same thing you already like, or drawing the same thing you already know over and over again. You have to actively search out new knowledge and new inspiration YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET.

At Animation Resources, our Advisory Board includes great artists and animators like Ralph Bakshi, Will Finn, J.J. Sedelmeier and Sherm Cohen. They let us know the things that they use in their own self study so we can share it with you. That’s experience you just can’t find anywhere else. Students invest a hundred thousand dollars in obtaining a college degree. But the diploma isn’t what matters- the experience is.

Here is another question to ask yourself honestly… Why would you neglect to support Animation Resources with just $95 a year (even less for students and educators!) when we are dedicated to helping you continue your own artistic journey of learning and growth? There’s no better investment than to invest in yourself.

Animation Resources members are getting the tools they need to grow and become better artists. JOIN ANIMATION RESOURCES TODAY and get on the road to self-improvement.

Right now, it’s Back To School time at Animation Resources, and for the next two weeks we will be sharing reasons why students and educators should be a member of our important project. There is no better way to feed your creativity than to be a member of Animation Resources. Every other month, we share a Reference Pack that is chock full of downloadable e-books and still framable videos designed to expand your horizons and blow your mind. It’s easy to join. Just click on this link and you can sign up right now online…



Not Convinced Yet? Check out this SAMPLE REFERENCE PACK! It will give you a taste of what Animation Resources members get to download every other month!

Sample RefPack

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