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Instruction: George Clayton Johnson- Screenwriting For Television

George Clayton Johnson

George Clayton Johnson and Robert Redford
On The Set Of “Nothing In The Dark”

On Saturday January 14th 2012, the Animation Creative League hosted a program featuring the legendary screenwriter George Clayton Johnson.

Mr. Johnson is well qualified to speak on this subject. He was one of the principal writers on Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”, writing both stories and screenplays for such legendary episodes as “The Four of Us Are Dying”, “Kick the Can”, “A Game of Pool”, and “Nothing in the Dark”. He also was the writer of the first regular episode of Star Trek to air, “The Man Trap” and the feature films “Logan’s Run” and “Oceans 11”. He was part of a group of Southern California science fiction writers that included Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury and Charles Beaumont. He collaborated with Ray Bradbury on the story for “Icarus Montgolfier Wright”, an Academy Award nominated animated film produced by Format Films.

George Clayton Johnson

George Clayton Johnson’s
“A Game of Pool”

If you missed this program, you missed out on a once in a lifetime event. Thankfully, Mr. Johnson has been interviewed extensively and the interviews have been posted to YouTube. Here is a ten part interview that covers his life and career.

(Click to play all ten parts back to back as a playlist)

PART ONE (Direct YouTube Link)

PART TWO (Direct YouTube Link)

PART THREE (Direct YouTube Link)

PART FOUR (Direct YouTube Link)

PART FIVE (Direct YouTube Link)

PART SIX (Direct YouTube Link)

PART SEVEN (Direct YouTube Link)

PART EIGHT (Direct YouTube Link)

PART NINE (Direct YouTube Link)

PART TEN (Direct YouTube Link)

PART TEN (Direct YouTube Link)

Many thanks to George Clayton Johnson for generously spending his time with us.

George Clayton Johnson
Stephen Worth and George Clayton Johnson
at the Creative League meeting.

George Clayton Johnson
George Clayton Johnson
Photos by Eddie Fitzgerald and Alex Camarillo

Stephen Worth
Animation Resources


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