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UPDATE: Upcoming RefPack / Member Appreciation Month

Bunny vs Barrymore

Things have been quiet around Animation Resources lately, but that isn’t because we aren’t working… We have a couple of large projects that we’ve been working on for over a year that will be released in our next Reference Pack. One is a subtitled version of a rare European animated feature, and the other is a two hour video seminar on acting for animation that we have been planning and putting together for the past couple of years. Both of these projects will be included in the February Reference Pack.

We always pull out all the stops to make the February Reference Pack special because that is our Members Appreciation Month. It’s when we throw open the doors and invite people to join our organization and express our thanks to our loyal members for their support over the past years. We’ll have more information on all of this soon. Thanks for your patience.

To our fantastic members:

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