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It’s Member Appreciation Time Again at Animation Resources!

It’s Members Appreciation Time at Animation Resources, and for the next 30 days we will be sharing reasons why you should be a member of our important project. It’s easy to join. Just click on this link and you can sign up right now online…


Members Appreciation Month

This is the best time to join Animation Resources. You know us and what we do. Why aren’t you a member yet?! Here is what you’ll get when you join…

  • Every other month, you will receive a brand new Reference Pack which consists of a high resolution downloadable e-book packed with fantastic artwork and a half hour or more of rare animated films from our collection!
  • In addition, we will be rerunning material from RefPacks from the past years as a Bonus feature in our Reference Packs. This means that every year, you will be receiving at least 9 ebooks instead of just 6, and 5 hours or more of rare animation, not just 3!
  • During Members Appreciation Month, our Reference Pack includes a special treat. An e-book, video and podcast that shows how Chuck Jones timed his cartoons. This is information you can’t find anywhere else!
  • Every year, Animation Resources provides more benefits for its members, and every couple of years we raise our dues a little to allow us to continue to expand our offerings. But if you join today, we promise that your dues will never increase as long as you maintain your membership.
  • Animation Resources members receive periodic Podcasts throughout the year, like the current one on Chuck Jones’s bar sheets and the last one where we broke down slapstick comedy and showed what animators could learn from it. All of these podcasts remain available to members on the Members Only Page.
  • Are the annual dues too much to spend all at once? We have a new Quarterly Billing Option where you are billed $25 every three months. You can cancel your membership at any time.


With the reruns in the Reference Packs and the breakdown analysis of the Chuck Jones bar sheets and the podcasts, that means you have a great start building a personal library of reference material that will serve you for your entire artistic career… and it’s only $85 a year for General Membership ($25 quarterly), or $60 a year for full time students and educators. That is a drop dead bargain. But the best part is that you’ll be supporting a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is by artists and for artists. If you are a creative person, you should be a member of Animation Resources. You owe it to your muse.

Wanna be a member?



Not Convinced Yet? Check out this SAMPLE REFERENCE PACK! It will give you a taste of what Animation Resources members get to download every other month! That’s 560 pages of great high resolution images and nearly an hour of rare animation available to everyone to download for FREE!

Sample RefPack

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