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Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

What Don’t You Know About Animation?

What DON’T you know about animation?

That may sound like a weird question. We expect to be asked what we know about a topic, not what we don’t know. Read on to find out why that question makes sense…

What you don't know

I’ve always liked this quote by Mark Twain… "It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so." A lot of us are on the wrong end of the Dunning Kruger chart occasionally. But today, I ran across this image and it reminded me of the flip side of that coin…

What you don't know

When I was in charge of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive before it was reorganized to become Animation Resources, people would come in to visit the facility and ask, "What do you have by Chuck Jones?" or "Do you have material from Miyazaki films?" or "Can you show me some Milt Kahl drawings?" Of course the Animation Archive includes all of those things, but those aren’t the right questions to be asking.

Every month Animation Resources digs deep into the Animation Archive we’ve been building since the ASIFA days to put together a Reference Pack with e-books, still-framable videos and podcasts on a wide variety of subjects. We could stick close to the sorts of topics you find in DVD supplements, corporate animation history books, and fan sites on the internet… and a lot of people would be very happy with that. It’s comfortable to revisit things you already know about. It makes you feel like you’ve got a grasp on the subject. You know what’s expected and you aren’t required to think too much. But that isn’t what we do at the Animation Archive.

When I established the archive at ASIFA-Hollywood, I was excited to share all the things I knew about cartooning and animation. But every day the doors were open, I discovered more things that I DIDN’T know. I still learn new things as time passes, but even more important is that I learn more things that I don’t know. Day after day, month after month and year after year, I discover more amazing things that I should know about, but I don’t know.

Creativity is an uncomfortable process. You have to "think outside the box" and push yourself to do things you’ve never done before. If you don’t, you run the risk of sliding back into formulas and rehashing old, tired ideas. Learning to be creative is no different. You have to forcibly break old habits, open your eyes to the world and glean inspiration from new sources. The broader your frame of reference, the wider your creative scope. New things should really excite you because they encourage new ways of thinking and inspire new things you can create.

What you don't know

I know a lot of people, especially artists in the trenches in the animation business, look at Animation Resources’ announcements of Reference Packs and say to themselves, "What the hell is that? That isn’t anything like what I know, do, or understand." and they are absolutely correct. We share things you don’t know about yet, things you don’t do, and stuff you don’t understand. We share things you don’t know that you don’t know, and that is the best sort of thing to share!

Knowledge is power. An artist lives and dies on what he knows about the world around him. How much is it worth to have the scales removed from your eyes so you can become more than what you already are? Is it worth $95 a year?

Here is a clue for you. CLICK on it.

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Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Animation Resources’ Members Only Reference Packs

For a long time, we’ve been asked for a list of the contents of all of the Reference Packs we’ve shared with our members over the years. It’s a mind-blowing amount of wonderful stuff covering centuries of cartooning history. There’s so much here, it took days just to assemble the list!

This list would be more accurately titled "What You Missed". If you had joined Animation Resources in January of 2011, you would have all of these rare films, e-books and podcasts in your digital library. The good news is that our older Reference Packs re-run in rotation every other month, so if you are an Annual Member, you will eventually be able to download everything on this list.

Animation Resources membership is the biggest bargain out there. If you aren’t a member yet, JOIN TODAY and start by downloading our current Reference Packs.

NOTE: The first few RefPacks didn’t have teaser pages. If we can find a volunteer interested in creating pages for those RefPacks, we’ll add links at a later date.

    RefPack001: Sample Reference Pack
  • Jack Cole’s “Plastic Man” Numbers 1, 2 & 3, 1943 (e-book)
  • Private Snafu in “Gas” Army/Navy Screen Magazine 1944 Warner Bros.
  • Aesops Fables: “Circus Capers” 1930 Van Beuren Studio

    RefPack002: January-February 2015
  • Zim’s Correspondence School Of Cartooning, Comic Art & Caricature Volume 1 1914/1920 (e-book)
  • “Charm B.G.” 1948 Paul Fennell Studio
  • Piels Beer Reel 1950s UPA

    RefPack003: March-April 2015
  • H. M. Bateman: Suburbia 1922 & Burlesques 1916/1922 (e-book)
  • Cereal Commercial Reel early 1950s Paul Fennell Studio
  • “Tuberculosis: You Can Help” ca. 1943 Paul Fennell Studio

    RefPack004: May-June 2015
  • Zim’s Correspondence School of Cartooning Comic Art & Caricature Volume 2 1914/1920 (e-book)
  • Theatrical Commercial Reel 1938-1939 Paul Fennell Studio
  • Army/Navy Screen Magazine: “The Navy After The War” ca. 1949 First Motion Picture Unit

    RefPack005: July-August 2015
  • Billy DeBeck’s Barney Google Daily Strips May 7th to October 5th 1923 (e-book)
  • Schmidt’s Beer Commercial Reel Paul ca. 1956 Fennell Studio
  • Penn Mutual: “100 Years Of Security” ca. 1948 Paul Fennell Studio

    RefPack006: September-October 2016
  • Zim’s Correspondence School Of Cartooning Comic Art & Caricature Volume 3 1914/1920 (e-book)
  • Assorted Commercial Reel ca. 1950s Paul Fennell Studio
  • “Broken Treaties” & “This Changing World” 1941 Columbia Studios

    RefPack007: November-December 2016
  • Hans Holbein’s Dances Of Death & Complete Bible Cuts 1520s/1858 (e-book)
  • Campbells Soup Commercial Reel ca mid-1950s Paul Fennell Studio
  • Gran’ Pop Monkey: “A Busy Day”, “Beauty Shop” & “Baby Checkers” 1940 Cartoon Films Ltd.

    RefPack008: January-February 2016
  • Zim’s Correspondence School Of Cartooning, Comic Arts & Caricature Volume 4 1914/1920 (e-book)
  • “Night Battle” ca. 1944 First Motion Picture Unit
  • Beer And Automotive Commercial Reels ca. mid-1950s Paul Fennel Studio

    RefPack009: March-April 2016
  • 101 Beautiful Images By Gustave Dore 1870 (e-book)
  • Keds Commercial Reel ca. mid-1950s Paul Fennell Studio
  • “Presenting Rear Admiral” & “Okinawa” ca. 1949 First Motion Picture Unit

    RefPack010: June-July 2016
  • The Land And Water Version of Raemaekers Cartoons Volume 1 1916 (e-book)
  • Chiquita Banana Reel 1947 John Sutherland Productions
  • “The Peanut Vendor” & “Down By The Old Mill Stream” 1933 Fleischer Studio

    RefPack011: September-October 2016
  • “The Life And Works Of James Gillray, The Caricaturist” 1874 (two e-books)
  • Snip And Snap In “Top Dog” 1960, “Foo Foo The Stowaway” 1960 & “The Cultured Ape” 1959 Halas & Batchelor

    RefPack012: September October 2016
  • Illustrations From Jugend Magazine January-June 1918 (e-book)
  • “The Kangaroo Kid” 1938, “Midnight Frolics” 1938, & “Pickled Puss” 1948 Columbia Studio

    RefPack013: November-December 2016
  • “L’Illustration” Magazine: Noel Issues 1935 & 1938 (e-book)
  • Scrappy In “Puttin’ Out The Kitten” 1937 & “Let’s Ring Doorbells” 1935 Columbia Studios

    RefPack014: January-February 2017
  • Cartoons And Caricatures, Or Making The World Laugh By Zim 1910 (e-book)
  • “Man On The Land” 1951 UPA
  • “Cubby’s Stratosphere Flight” 1934, “Jolly Good Felons 1934 & “Wild Goose Chase” 1932 Van Beuren Studio

    RefPack015: March-April 2017
  • “Die Muskete” Volume 10, Numbers 236-252 April-July 1910 (e-book)
  • Hollywood: Comedy- A Serious Business 1980 Thames Television
  • “Felix Wines And Dines” 1927 & “Feline Follies” 1917 Pat Sullivan Studio

    RefPack016: May-June 2017
  • “Esquire” Magazine Cartoon Annual Volume 1 1937 (e-book)
  • “The Mascot” 1933 Ladislas Starevich
  • Screen Songs: “Rise Up And Sing & “Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing” 1934 Fleischer Studio

    RefPack017 July-August 2017
  • Willard Mullin: Spaulding Sports Show 1947-1952 (e-book)
  • Cinemascope Terry-Toons: “Topsy TV” & “It’s A Living” 1957
  • Lotte Reiniger: “Helen La Belle” 1957 & “Night In A Harem 1958 Fantasia Prod.

    RefPack018 September-October 2017
  • “200 Sketches Humorous And Grotesque By Gustave Dore” 1867 (e-book)
  • “We’re On Our Way To Rio” 1944 Famous Studio
  • Charlie Bowers: “It’s A Bird” 1930 & “Wild Oysters” 1940

    RefPack019 November-December 2017
  • “Rip Van Winkle” 1905 & “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” 1909 Illustrated By Arthur Rackham (e-book)
  • Betty Boop: “Dizzy Dishes” 1930, “Barnacle Bill” 1930 & “The Bum Bandit” 1931
  • Norman McLaren: “Mail Early” 1941, “Hen Hop” 1942, “Fiddle De Dee” 1947, “Begone Dull Care” 1948 & “Blinkity Blank” 1959

    RefPack020 January-February 2018
  • “All The Funny Folks” 1925 (e-book)
  • Charlie Bowers: “He Done His Best” & “A Wild Roomer” 1926
  • “Puppet Love” 1944 Famous Studios

    RefPack021: April-May 2018
  • “Esquire” Magazine Cartoon Annual Volume 2 1937 (e-book)
  • Lotte Reiniger: “Papageno” 1935 & “Ten Minutes Of Mozart” 1930
  • Terry-Toons: “String Bean Jack” 1933 Kiko The Kangaroo In “Red Hot Music” 1937 & Mighty Mouse In “Hansel And Gretel” 1952

    RefPack023: August-September 2018
  • “Simplicissimus” Volume 1 December 30 1903-March 2 1904 (e-book)
  • “Astro Boy” Pilot Episode 1963 Tezuka
  • Heckle & Jeckle In “Sno Fun” 1951 Terry-Toons

    RefPack024 October-November 2018
  • “As I See” Boris Artzybasheff 1954 (e-book)
  • “Cheburashka” 1971 Soyuzmultfilm
  • “Dental Hygiene Dilemma” From “200 Motels” 1971 Chuck Swenson

    RefPack025 December 2018-January 2019
  • “Trump” Harvey Kurtzman, Editor 1957
  • “Little Match Girl” 1937 Columbia Studios
  • “The Tale Of The Fisherman And The Fish” 1950 Soyuzmultfim

    RefPack026: February-March 2019
  • Best Of E-Books 1 To 25 Volume 1 (e-book)
  • Best Of E-Books 1 To 25 Volume 2 (e-book)
  • Best Of Videos 1 To 25 Volume 1
  • Best Of Videos 1 To 25 Volume 2
  • (Note: These were revised and updated in RefPack050.)

    RefPack027: April-May 2019
  • “Momotaro’s Sacred Sailors” 1945 Shochiku Doga Kenkyusho
  • “Rhapsody Of Steel” 1959 John Sutherland

    RefPack028: June-July 2019
  • “Esquire” Annual Volume 3 1937 (e-book)
  • “Tune In Tomorrow” UPA 1954
  • “Kumo To Tulip” 1943 Shochiku Doga Kenkyusho
  • Cheburashka In “Gena The Crocodile” Soyuzmultfilm 1969
  • SLAPSTICK: “The Saw Mill” Larry Semon 1922

    RefPack029: August-September 2019
  • Toby Bluth Storyboard Collection: Fantasia & Pinocchio 1940 (e-book)
  • Two MGM Cartoons: “Milky Way” 1940 & “The Hungry Wolf” 1942
  • Five Films By Len Lye: “Tuslava” 1929, “Kaleisoscoper” 1935, “Rainbow Dance” 1936, “Doing The Lambeth Walk” 1939 & “Musical Poster Number 1” 1940

    RefPack030: October-November 2019
  • “Die Muskete” Vol. X Nos. 253-260 August-September 1910 (e-book)
  • Jimmy Cricket In “I’m No Fool” 1955-1956 Disney Studios
  • “Dead Tsarevna & The Seven Bogatyrs” 1951 Soyuzmultfilm

    RefPack032 February-March 2020
  • Chuck Jones Bar Sheets: “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” 1966 (e-book)
  • “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” Timing Video
  • Plaza (Beach) 1964 SE-MA-FOR

    RefPack033: April-May 2020
  • “Blaeksprutten” (Cuttlefish) Christmas Annuals 1912-1913 (e-book)
  • Polish Animation: “Dumpling” 1959, “Beyond The Wood Beyond The Forest” 1961, “The Little Quartet” 1965 & “A Little Western” 1960
  • Columbia Cartoons: “Scrappy’s Expedition” 1934, Krazy Kat in “Railroad Rhythm” 1937 & “Happy Tots Expedition” 1940

    RefPack034: June-July 2020
  • “Gesindel: Album Von Rudolf Wilke” 1908 (e-book)
  • “The Little Prince And The Eight Headed Dragon” Toei 1963
  • Avery Influence: “Clown Of The Jungle” 1947 Disney & “Mouse Cleaning” 1948 MGM

    RefPack035: August-September 2020
  • “Fragments From France” Volume 1 1915 (e-book)
  • More Films By Len Lye: “A Colour Box” 1935, “The Birth Of The Robot” 1936, “Trade Tattoo” 1937, “Colour Flight” 1938 & “Colour Cry” 1952
  • Cheburashka In “Shapoklyak” 1974 & “Cheburashka GoesTo School” 1983 Soyuzmultfilm

    RefPack036: October-November 2020
  • “Honore Daumier: Lithografien” 1828-1851 (e-book)
  • “Brotherhood Of Man” 1945 UPA
  • Jiminy Cricket In “You Are A Human Animal” 1955-1977 Disney

    RefPack039: April-May 2021
  • FEATURED: “Borley Rectory” 2017 Ashley Thorpe
  • INTERNATIONAL: Russian Animation: “Interplanetary Revolution” 1924, “Kino Circus” 1942, “The Millionaire” 1953, “The Shareholder” 1963, & “Shooting Range” 1979 Soyuzmultfilm

    RefPack040: June-July 2021
  • FEATURED: “Magic Boy” 1959 Toei / Lantz Oswalds: “Oswald In Alaska” 1930& “The Candy House” 1934
  • INTERNATIONAL: “The Adventures Of Mowgli” Episode 1 1967 Soyuzmultfilm / “Well, Just You Wait!” Episode 1 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / “Koziolek Matolek” Episode 1 1969 Studio Miniature Filmowych / &”Dog, Cat And…” Episode 1 1972 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • SLAPSTICK: “Buster Keaton- A Hard Act To Follow” Episode 2 1967 Thames TV
  • BREAKDOWNS: Assorted

    RefPack041: August-September 2021
  • FEATURED: “The Humpbacked Horse” 1947 Soyuzmultfilm / Van Beuren’s Tom & Jerry: “Barnyard Bunk” & “Jolly Fish” 1932
  • INTERNATIONAL: “The Adventures Of Mowgli” Episode 3 1967 Soyuzmultfilm / “Well, Just You Wait!” Episode 2 1870 Soyuzmultfilm / & “Dog, Cat And…” Episode 2 1972 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Sabu And Ichi’s Detective Stories” Episode 35 1968 / “Fight! Da Pyuta” Episode 11 1968, “Space Ace” Episode 39 1965
  • SLAPSTICK: “Buster Keaton- A Hard Act To Follow” Episode 3 1987 Thames TV
  • BREAKDOWNS: Kanada Style Effects

    RefPack042: October-November 2022
  • FEATURED: “Hokusai Manga” Volume 1 1814 (e-book) / “Linus The Lionhearted” Season 2 Episode 13 1964 Ed Graham Productions
  • INTERNATIONAL: “The Adventures Of Mowgli” Episode 3 1971 Soyuzmultfilm / “The Champion” 1948 Soyuzmultfilm / “How To Get Big” 1967 Soyuzmultfilm / “Koziolek Matolek” Episode 2 1969 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Space Boy Soran” Episode 65 & 04 1967
  • SLAPSTICK: “The Unknown Chaplin” Episode 1 1983 Thames TV
  • BREAKDOWNS: Morphs

    RefPack043: December 2021-January 2022
  • FEATURED: Osamu Tezuka: “Tale Of A Street Corner” 1962, “Mermaid” 1964, “The Drop” 1965 & “Pictures At An Exhibition” 1966 / Terry-Toons: Gandy Goose In “Magic Slipper” 1948 & Dinky Duck In “Wise Quacks” 1953
  • INTERNATIONAL: “The Adventures Of Mowgli” Episode 4 1971 Soyuzmultfilm / “The Wise Little Gudgeon” 1979 Soyuzmultfilm / “Well, Just You Wait!” Episode 3 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / “Dog, Cat And…” Episode 3 1972 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Cyborg 009” Episode 13 & 14 1968
  • SLAPSTICK: “The Unknown Chaplin” Episode 2 1983 Thames TV
  • BREAKDOWNS: Weight

    RefPack044 February-March 2022
  • FEATURED: Leo O’Mealia “Sport Cartoons” 1950 N.Y. Daily News (e-book) / Two UPA Cartoons: Mr. Magoo In “Pink And Blue Blues” 1952 & “Trees And Jamaica Daddy” 1957
  • INTERNATIONAL: “The Adventures Of Mowgli” Episode 5 1971 Soyuzmultfilm / “Mr. Wolf” 1949 Soyuzmultfilm / “Peter And Little Red Riding Hood” 1958 Soyuzmultfilm, “Goal! Goal!” 1964 Soyuzmultfilm &amp / “Koziolek Matolek” Episode 3 1969 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Kaibutsu-Kun” Episode 30 1968 / “Gutsy Frog” Episode 98 1973
  • SLAPSTICK: “The Unknown Chaplin” Episode 3 1983 ThamesTV
  • BREAKDOWNS: Perspective Turns

    RefPack045: April-May 2022
  • FEATURED: “Famous Pictures Of The Daimyo Procession” 1918 Toko’en Publishing (e-book) / Famous Studios Screen Songs: “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain” 1949 & “Base Brawl” 1948 / “Linus The Lionhearted” Season 2 Episode 2 1964 Ed Graham Productions
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Winnie The Pooh” Episode 1 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / “A Match Revenge” 1968 Soyuzmultfilm / “Well, Just You Wait!” Episode 4 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / “Dog, Cat And…” Episode 4 1972 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Shonen Ninja Kaze” Episode 9 1964 / “Space Patrol Hopper” Episode 3 1965
  • SLAPSTICK: “Never Weaken” 1921 Harold Lloyd
  • BREAKDOWNS: Slow Motion

    RefPack046 June-July 2022
  • FEATURED: The Tattooed Man: “Puck” Magazine March-April 1884 (e-book) / Ladislas Starevich: “The Town Rat And The Country Rat” 1927 & “The Old Lion” 1932
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Winnie The Pooh” Episode 2 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / “An Unusual Match” 1955 Soyuzmultfilm / “A Brave Hare” 1955 Soyuzmultfilm / “The Horse” 1967 Withold Giersz / “Koziolek Matolek” Episode 4 1969 Studio Miniature Filmowych
  • EARLY ANIME: “Wonder 3” Episode 1 & Episode 43 1966
  • SLAPSTICK: "YoYo" 1965 Pierre Etaix
  • BREAKDOWNS: The Wave Principle

    RefPack047: August-September 2022
  • FEATURED: “Fragments From France” Volume 2 1917 (e-book) / Commercial Reels: Storyboard Studio & Miscellaneous New York Commercials mid-1950s
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Winnie The Pooh” Episode 3 1972 Soyuzmultfilm / “The Enchanted Boy” 1955 Soyuzmultfilm, “Cow On The Moon” 1959 Zagreb Films / The Four Poster Animated Sequences 1952 UPA / “Surogat” 1961 Zagreb Films, “Circus” 1954 Film Polski / “Tango” 1980 SE-MA-FOR
  • EARLY ANIME: “Pirate Prince” Episode 1 & 14 1966
  • SIDETRACKS: “Dementia” 1955 John Parker
  • BREAKDOWNS: Motion Frames

    RefPack048 October-November 2022
  • FEATURED: Irv Spector’s “Coogy” 1951-1952 (e-book) / Cinemascope: “Grand Canyonscope” 1954 & “No Hunting” 1955 Disney Studio
  • Hans Fischerkoesen: “Weathered Melody” 1943 & “The Snowman” 1944 UFA Film
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Cipolino The Onion Boy” 1961 Soyuzmultfilm / “Well, Just You Wait!” Episode 5 1969 Soyuzmultfilm / Maxi Cat: “Hat, Lunch, Broom, Tennis, Rope, & Door” 1971 / “Cat And Mouse” 1958 Bielsko Biala Studio
  • EARLY ANIME: “Hajime Ningen Gyatorz” Episode 36 & 44 1975
  • SLAPSTICK: Billy Bevan In She Sighs By The Seaside” 1921 & “Lizzies Of The Field” 1924
  • BREAKDOWNS: Resistance

    RefPack049 December 2022-January 2023
  • FEATURED: “Willy Pogany’s Mother Goose” 1928 (e-book) / Van Beuren: “Summer Time” 1929 & “The Office Boy” 1930
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Twelve Months” 1956 Soyuzmultfilm / “Snowy Roads” 1963 Soyuzmultfilm / Czech Commercials: “Johnnie Loves It Clean” 1932 & “The Unforgettable Poster” 1937 /”Professor Balthazar” Episode 1 1967 Zagreb Films
  • EARLY ANIME: “Golden Bat” Episode 16 & 39 1967
  • SIDETRIPS: “Decasia” 2002 Bill Morrison
  • BREAKDOWNS: More Morphs

    RefPack051 April-May 2023
  • FEATURED: Hiroshige: “53 Stations Of The Tokaido Road” (e-book) / “It’s Everybody’s Business” 1954 John Sutherland
  • INTERNATIONAL: “Stompy” 1964 Soyuzmultfilm / “Mystery Of The MK204 Turning Point” 1934 Karel Dodal / “The Breakdown” 1988 DEFA Studios / Professor Balthazar in “The Rise And Fall of Horatio” 1967 Zagreb Films
  • EARLY ANIME: “Big X” Episodes 41 & 50 1054 TMS Studios
  • SIDETRIPS: Four Films By Hans Richter: “Rhythmus 21” (1921), “Ghosts For Breakfast” (1927), “Inflation” (1928), “Race Symphony” (1928)
  • BREAKDOWNS: Trucks & Pans

    Podcasts & Livestreams

  • Book Look 001: Taschen’s Disney Archive
  • Archive 001: About Our Archive Database
  • Lesson 001: Warming Up Exercises
  • Animation Interview 001: Andrew Chesworth
  • Video Seminar 001: Background Layouts by Nestor Redondo
  • Animated Discussions 001: SLAPSTICK Analysis: The Saw Mill
  • Animated Discussions 002: Chuck Jones Bar Sheets
  • Animated Discussions 003: Different Artists Different Paths
  • Animated Discussions 004: Joe Murray Interview
  • Animated Discussions 005: Advice From An Educator
  • Animated Discussions 006: Using Live Action Reference
  • Animated Discussions 007: Is Reference Constructive Or A Crutch?
  • Animated Discussions 008: Craig Bartlett Interview
  • Animated Discussions 009: Lenord Robinson Interview
  • Animated Discussions 010: History Of Cartooning: West To East
  • Members Update 001: Streaming Update & RefPack047
  • Members Update 002: Students- Are You Doing What You Need To Do To Establish A Career In Animation?
  • Members Update 003: RefPack048 Review
  • Members Update 004: Best of RefPack Videos 1-25
  • Members Update 005: Best of RefPack Videos 26-50

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Friday, March 10th, 2023

Thanks To Our Loyal Members!



We’ve reached the conclusion of our 2023 Animation Resources Members Appreciation Month. I’d like to thank all of the loyal members who resubscribed for 2023, and I’d like to welcome all of the new members who joined in the past few weeks. We are very fortunate to have so many faithful supporters.

Our members stick with us. Very few people who stepped up to support us when we started ten years ago have fallen away. Our membership is steadily growing. That really tells us that we are making a difference for you. We greatly appreciate your faith in us.

Animation Resources is an organization run BY artists FOR artists. That’s what makes it so unique. There are plenty of groups related to the animation BUSINESS, but we are entirely focused on the ART of animation. No corporation is subsidizing the dues of our members. Our members reach into their own pockets to support us because they believe in what we’re doing. Together, we’ll work to reinvigorate animation one artist at a time. Stronger artists mean a stronger artform. Just returning to the “golden age” isn’t good enough… Let’s invest in our own creativity to build a future that is MORE exciting, entertaining and expressive than ever before.

Volunteers are the heart of any great non-profit group, and Animation Resources is lucky to have a wonderful group of people coordinating our social media, running the scanner and cataloguing the collection. All of us owe them a great debt of gratitude for their generosity and hard work.

If you aren’t a member yet, please JOIN. We will leave all the downloads up through the weekend. If you are a member share how great Animation Resources is with your friends and peers. More members mean we can bring you more useful material for your self-study.

Animation Resources 10th Anniversary

It’s Members Appreciation Time again at Animation Resources, and For the past decade, Animation Resources has been serving artists working in the fields of animation, cartooning and illustration. Our volunteers and members have pulled together to raise the bar for our art form, and it’s time to celebrate… It’s Members Appreciation time again!

During the month of February, Animation Resources expresses our appreciation for to members with a very special Reference Pack, and we invite you to become a member too. For the next 30 days, we will be sharing reasons why you should join us. Our benefits of membership far exceed the cost of our annual dues. You can find out what our members get at the Member Appreciation Page. It’s easy to join. Just click on this link and you can sign up right now online…


Members Appreciation Month

PayPalAnimationAnimation Resources depends on your contributions to support its projects. Even if you can’t afford to join our group right now, please click the button below to donate whatever you can afford using PayPal.

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