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Monday, September 19th, 2022

Members Update 001: Live Stream Update / RefPack047

Members Update 001: Live Streaming Update / Reference Pack 047

In this premiere episode of Animation Resources’ Live Streaming project, we present a Members Update. Davey Jarrell is joined by David Eisman and Stephen Worth to kick the tires and take our new live streaming setup out for a spin. There’s a screening of a RARE UPA cartoon too!

About Animation Resources:
Live Streaming Update:
Reference Pack 047:
Cartoon Screening: UPA’s The Four Poster
Wrap Up:

People who aren’t members of Animation Resources don’t understand how comprehensive our Reference Packs are. If you aren’t a member yet, today is the perfect time to join! Our current Reference Pack is one of our best yet, and General and Student Members get access to a special Bonus Archive with even more material from past Reference Packs.

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Animation Resources is one of the best kept secrets in the world of cartooning. Every month, we sponsor a program of interest to artists, and every other month, we share a book and up to an hour of rare animation with our members. If you are a creative person interested in the fields of animation, cartooning or illustration, you should be a member of Animation Resources!

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