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MEMBERS ONLY: Jugend Challenge Update

Jugend Magazine

We are running a membership signup challenge based on a bound volume of the German art nouveau magazine, Jugend. It covers the first six months in 1918. Jugend was one of the most influential illustrated magazines of its day, packed with amazing art, illustration and cartooning.

When Animation Resources reaches 50 members, I will share a BONUS e-book with the membership with all of the major images in this book. It will be about 150 pages. We currently have 33 members, so we are getting close. If you haven’t joined yet, now is a good time to do that. If you have already joined, encourage your friends and co-workers to join. That way, everyone will get a chance to see the amazing illustrations in this book.

I will have more info on Jugend for you when we reach 50 members. Thanks!

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