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Press Release: Animation Resources- A New Nonprofit Serving The Animation Community

San Fernando Valley, CA, January 17 2015

Animation Resources is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that aims to educate, support and encourage the animation community. Through membership, the organization focuses on preserving the past, inspiring the present, and cultivating the future of the medium of animation. An overarching service for the worldwide animation community, as well as resources, events, and activities are coordinated through the website, at

One of the primary functions of the organization is to be a leader in the industry for preserving the history of animation through The Animation Resources Animation Archive. Currently, the Archive houses over 8,000 digitized animated films, over 150,000 high-resolution images, and over 1000 artist biographies. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in the creation and growth of the Archive, allowing them even closer proximity to the artwork that has inspired centuries of artists. With enough funding, the goal is to syndicate the entire collection to universities, libraries, and museums around the world through Cloud services.

Animation Resources inspires the present by showcasing the incredible artists who are working today. Visiting curators broaden the scope of content, educational screenings and lectures will be made available, and networking opportunities for aspiring professionals will unite the animation community at large.

Through the previously mentioned resources, Animation Resources cultivates the future by helping the next generation of filmmakers hone their skills and tastes to elevate the craft of animation. While students benefit from the immense wealth of educational resources on hand, independent animators and industry professionals will also find a near inexhaustible supply of inspiration. As guidance, Animation Resources is overseen by an advisory board of professionals from throughout the animation community, including Ralph Bakshi, David Chai, Sherm Cohen, Will Finn, John Kricfaclusi, Steve Stanchfield, Mike Van Eaton and JJ Sedelmeier. The day to day operations of Animation Resources are also overseen by a board of directors, working in various capacities throughout the industry, and their individual bios can be seen and accessed at

The membership dues are an annual fee of $75 for professionals & enthusiasts, and $50 for students. The membership gains access to 12 DVD quality cartoons per year from the archive, many of which have never been seen by the general public, as well as 6 high resolution 150 page e-books each year, covering topics such as “Zim’s Correspondence School of Cartooning,” “Comic Art & Caricature,” “H. M. Bateman’s Suburbia & Burlesque,” and “Hans Holbein’s Dance of Death and Illustrations from the Bible.” Additional details about membership levels can be found at

Animation Resources is based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, but is accessible worldwide through, additional information about the history of the organization can be found at


Stephen Worth


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