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Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

Animation: Nat Falk’s How To Make Animated Cartoons Part One

Nat Falk Book

Today, we began digitizing an extraordinary book… Nat Falk’s "How To Make Animated Cartoons". Published in 1941, this book brings together information from all of the major studios of the day… Disney, Terrytoons, Screen Gems, Warner Bros, Fleischer, Lantz and Harman-Ising. It’s wild to see Popeye on the cover right next to Andy Panda and Farmer Al Falfa… You’ll never see competing studios cooperate to create a book like this today!

Nat Falk Book

This particular copy of "Animated Cartoons" has its own history… It belonged to one of the pioneers of animation, Carlo Vinci, and it was given to him as a gift by Paul Terry himself.

Nat Falk Book

Here then, is the first installment of Nat Falk’s "Animated Cartoons"… consisting of a forward by Paul Terry, a chapter on the history of animation and an overview of the animation studios of the time. The animation history chapter is fascinating, because it includes information from first hand sources about the early days of animation in New York. Learn who did the first double exposed effects, who was the first to use cels, who made the first color cartoons (no, not Walt Disney!) and who invented the pan background… Print it out and read it all!


Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book

I’m going to take one short sequence of the book out of order, because it really belongs here with the information on the studios…

By Walter Lantz

Nat Falk Book
Nat Falk Book

Stephen Worth
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Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Inbetweens: Ralph Yardley’s “Alonzo”


                             “Alonzo” strip, drawn by Paul Terry

Here is a collection of obscure comic strips starring the dog character “Alonzo”, courtesy of the newspaper comic website Stripper’s Guide.

The series was created by Ralph Yardley, but it rotated through several different artists, most notably the future creator of TerryToons, Paul Terry.


-Nicholas John Pozega

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Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Biography: Paul Terry

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Birth: February 19 1887 San Mateo, California
Death: October 25 1971 New York, New York


Producer, Animator, Director, Animation Pioneer

Bio Summary

Early Life/Family

four siblings, mother and additional sibling died early on. Compared childhood to film “You Can’t Take it With You”. Brother John Terry was also a pioneering animator.


Career Outline

Worked as a newspaper cartoonist from 1904-1914, began animating in 1915, made first “farmer al falfa” cartoons for J.R. Bray in 1916, produced aesops fables from 1920-1929, Founded terrytoons in 1929, produced Terrytoons from 1930-1955, retired 1955.

Comments On Style




“Disney is the tiffany’s in this buisness, and I am the woolworths.”



produced over 1300 films


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Charlie Judkins

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