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Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Stan Freberg 1926-2015: The Stan Freberg Show 1957

Voice Actors Daws Butler and Stan Freberg

Daws Butler and Stan Freberg accept the
Emmy Award for "Time For Beany".

August 7, 1926 – April 7, 2015

Animation Resources supporter, Rich Borowy has been contributing some wonderful material to our digital database. Here’s another one of his treasures… the premiere episode of the legendary short lived radio musical variety show created by Stan Freberg.

Voice Actor Stan FrebergVoice Actor Stan FrebergIn the Summer of 1957, CBS debuted a comedy program to replace The Jack Benny Program. It starred Captiol recording artist Stan Freberg, with support from veteran voice artists like Daws Butler, Marvin Miller and June Foray. The show exhibited all aspects of Freberg’s unique sense of humor from goofy cartooniness to biting satire. This episode contains liberal doses of both, and includes his classic riff on Cold War politics, titled "Los Voraces" ("The Greedy Ones"). Freberg’s sharp wit and his refusal to accept commercials for cigarettes didn’t endear him to advertisers, and the show was cancelled after only fifteen episodes. But it made an indelible mark on many fans in re-release on records.

Voice Actor Stan FrebergVoice Actor Stan FrebergThis particular recording is unique, because it includes off-air introductions by Stan before the show and a pickup of a musical cue at the end. It’s a tribute to the professionalism of the performers and the musical director, Billy May when you realize that this elaborate program was performed live from beginning to end in front of a studio audience.

Enjoy the genius of Freberg!

The Stan Freberg Show

(CBS Radio/July 9th, 1957)

(AAC Audio File / 90kbps-44.1kHz / Mono / 42 minutes / 30.25 mb)

Thanks for contributing this, Rich!

Fans of the great Stan Freberg won’t want to be without this great four CD box set, The Tip of the Freberg, which includes many of his greatest recordings. Get it at Amazon!

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