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Why should an illustrator join an animation group?

Classic Illustration Kay Nielsen

What do these illustrators have in common? Gustaf Tenggren, Mary Blair, Kay Nielsen, Harper Goff and Eldon Dedini… They all worked as concept artists in animation.

Why should an illustrator be a member of an animation group? Because the fundamental principles of design used in animation are the same as the ones used in illustration. The fields of animation and illustration have a lot to offer each other. Animation Resources is committed to acting as a bridge between a wide range of related creative fields.

Every other month, Animation Resources members receive an e-book full of high resolution images. Past e-books have featured L’Illustration magazine issues from the mid 1930s, steel engravings by Gustav Dore, the woodcuts of Hans Holbein and the German Art Nouveau magazine Jugend. But that’s not all. There are plenty of other reasons for an illustrator to be a member of Animation Resources. For more information on all the great perks you get for joining during our Members Appreciation Month, check out this link…


You might know Animation Resources from our posts on Facebook and the WWW, but there is a lot more to us than just our web pages. For the past fifteen years, Animation Resources has been building a digital archive dedicated to serving creative professionals and students. Take 20 minutes and watch this video demonstrating our digital archive…


If you would like to see some samples of the illustrators featured in our collection, see the Animation Resources Illustration Jump Page. Click through the links and you’ll discover a whole universe of inspiration…


Once you see the full impact of what Animation Resources does, we think you will want to be a part of it… even if you aren’t an animator.

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