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Members Update: Live Stream Scheduled For Oct 23rd!

Animation Resources Live Streaming Project

Animation Resources is hosting regularly scheduled events LIVE on its Streaming Page. Join us every month to find out what’s happening at Animation Resources.


Members Update 002

Animation Resources
On The Animation Resources Live Stream Page
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SUNDAY, OCT 23rd, 2022 5:00 pm (PDT)

Our schedule of monthly live streamed programs under the banner Members Update launches Sunday, October 23rd!

It’s time for another live stream to catch up on the latest Animation Resources reference pack, which is chock full of more rare educational content than any reference pack to date. It features an e-book on the Irv Spector’s “Coogy”, a pair of Cinemascope cartoons, an assortment of international cartoons, frame by frame breakdowns illustrating the principle of resistance, and a couple of Mack Sennett slapstick shorts. There’s also an update to the Annual Member Bonus Archive: A book on the sports cartoons of Willard Mullin, some rare Lotte Reiniger color films and some Terry-Toons in widescreen! We’ll be screening some surprises too!

Join Animation Resources Director of Programming Davey Jarrell and Director of Publications David Eisman in our latest Members Update live stream on Sunday, October 23rd at 5:00pm (PDT).


Davey Jarell is a member of the Board of Directors of Animation Resources. He is a professional storyboard artist for television and acts as our Director of Programs.

David Eisman is an Animatic Editor who serves as the Director of Podcasting Events on the Board of Directors of Animation Resources.


Animation Resources proudly presents its Live Streaming Project. Over the coming months, we will be presenting live chats, interviews, screenings and seminars. These programs will be open to the public on the date and time indicated. They will not be publicly archived. Archives of the programs will only be available to the members of Animation Resources on the Members Only page. If you miss the program, you’ve missed it, so set your calendar and join us at one of our live stream locations…

Animation Resources Live Stream Page (Primary Stream)
Also Facebook & YouTube

Animation Resources is one of the best kept secrets in the world of cartooning. Every month, we sponsor a program of interest to artists, and every other month, we share a book and up to an hour of rare animation with our members. If you are a creative person interested in the fields of animation, cartooning or illustration, you should be a member of Animation Resources!

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