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RefPack038: Podcast- Different Artists, Different Paths

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Animated Discussions 003
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Animated Discussions Podcast

Different Artists, Different Paths
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Animated Discussions 003 / Davey Jarrell & Stephen Worth

There are as many different paths to success as there are different artists. How does a young artist go about charting a course to find his own way in the artistic world? That is the subject of the third podcast in our “Animated Discussions” series. Animation Resources’ Director of Programming Davey Jarrell and President Stephen Worth are the hosts.

Here is an index of the topics that are discussed in “Different Artists, Different Paths”:

  • 01:20 – Studio Artists and Independent Artists
  • 05:25 – Versatility and Functionality vs Personal Style and Creativity
  • 15:51 – Finding Your Place In The Business
  • 20:35 – How Independents Can Compete With Big Studios
  • 35:37 – How To Cultivate An Audience Online
  • 54:30 – Give The Audience What It Wants
  • 64:32 – Teaming Up To Split the Workload

We hope you find this podcast useful and we welcome your feedback.

AD003: Different Artists Different Paths
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