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Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Animation Resources RefPack028: What You Missed!

Reference Pack

We just posted Reference Pack 029, so here is a reminder of what you missed in RefPack028. Every other month, Animation Resources shares a new Reference Pack with its members. They consist of an e-book packed with high resolution scans and video downloads set up for still frame study. Make sure you download the Reference Packs before they’re updated. When it’s gone, it’s gone!


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Esquire Cartoons

The latest Animation Reference Pack was just released and it’s jam packed with fantastic material to study and inspire you… It includes a wide variety of things… An e-book featuring cartoons from the pages of Esquire magazine in the 1930s, an industrial film by UPA, a Russian stop motion cartoon, and one of the earliest examples of animation in Japan.

UPA Industrial Film

But that’s not all… This time we launch a new feature, Slapstick Analysis, where we share a great example of physical comedy and break it down to show you how you can use slapstick to strengthen your animation. Plus we are re-running one of our most popular 1950s commercial reels as a bonus!

Crocodile Gena


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Spider and Tulip

At Animation Resources, our Advisory Board includes great artists and animators like Ralph Bakshi, Will Finn, J.J. Sedelmeier and Sherm Cohen. They’ve let us know the things that they use in their own self study so we can share them with you. That’s experience you just can’t find anywhere else. The most important information isn’t what you already know… It’s the information you should know about, but don’t know yet. We bring that to you every other month.



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Commercial Reel

Haven’t Joined Yet?

Check out this SAMPLE REFERENCE PACK! It will give you a taste of what Animation Resources members get to download every other month!

Sample RefPack

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Monday, April 1st, 2019


15th Anniversary

The Animation Archive Project was established fifteen years ago, and in that relatively short span of time, Animation Resources has amassed a treasure trove of rare reference material that provides online inspiration and instruction to animators, cartoonists and illustrators.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our anniversary and thanking the members of Animation Resources who make everything we do possible. No birthday celebration would be complete without presents, and we’ve picked out a treasure chest of FREE downloads for you! Read on to find out more about that…
Members Appreciation Month

In honor of Members Appreciation Month, we will be sharing reasons why you should be a member of our important project. It’s easy to join. Just click on this link and you can sign up right now online…


This is the best time to join Animation Resources. We are throwing in a bunch of special bonuses this month to make the decision easy for you!

Membership Benefits

  • Every other month, you will be able to download a brand new Reference Pack which consists of a high resolution downloadable e-book packed with fantastic artwork and a half hour of rare animated films from our collection!
  • Included with the regular RefPack, there will be a Bonus Download which will include either an e-book or video download that has been shared with our members in the past. This means that every year, you will be receiving 9 ebooks instead of just 6, and 4 1/2 hours of rare animation, not just 3!
  • During Member Appreciation Month, our Reference Pack includes a very special download- an e-book and video download highlighting the best of the first 25 Reference Packs. This represents the absolute peak of cartooning, illustration and animation- ultra rare artwork, books and films that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • That’s not all! There were so many wonderful things to share from the first 25 RefPacks, it didn’t all fit into one set of downloads, so WE DOUBLED IT! We created two e-books totalling 380 pages of eye popping artwork and two video downloads with nearly 40 minutes of amazing animation. Volume One will be available as a FREE download for everybody, and if you decide to join Animation Resources, you can grab the second set right away on the Members Only page, along with an additional 40 minutes of Bonus Videos!
  • Every year, Animation Resources provides more benefits for its members, so every couple of years we need to raise our dues a little to allow us to continue to expand our offerings. But if you join today, we promise that your dues will never increase as long as you maintain your membership.
  • Animation Resources members also receive special Video Podcasts throughout the year, and attendance at our screenings and seminars in the Los Angeles area is free to our members.


Info Overload

This is an awful lot to absorb, so we’ll break it down to the basics… if you join right now, you will immediately receive TWO E-BOOKS (380 pages) and FOUR VIDEO DOWNLOADS OF RARE ANIMATION (80 minutes in total). Over the next year, you will receive SIX MORE E-BOOKS and FOUR MORE HOURS of rare films… all that for only $85 a year for General Membership or $60 a year for full time students and educators. Better yet, your dues will never increase for as long as you maintain your membership. That is a drop dead bargain! But the best part is that you’ll be supporting a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is created by artists for artists. Every dollar you pay in dues goes right back into providing more valuable resources. If you are a creative person, you should be a member of Animation Resources. By helping us, you help yourself and the whole art form.



At the top of this page, we promised you treasures. Here they are… A sampling of the best of the first 25 Animation Resources Reference Packs!

Reference Pack

PLEASE NOTE: This material may be protected by copyright and is provided to supporters of Animation Resources under Fair Use provisions for critical analysis, educational and reference purposes only. Permission to copy and print is granted for personal use only and these files are not to be distributed or shared with others. All rights reserved. After the period of availability, these files will be deleted from the server and may never be offered again. Downloading of this material constitutes agreement to these terms.

To download the files, RIGHT CLICK on the link (Mac users OPTION CLICK) and select SAVE TO DISK. We are delivering high resolution files to you. When you click, it might take several minutes to finish the download, so please be patient. If the link doesn’t work, refresh this page and try again. It’s best to download the files one at a time, rather than all at once. This will avoid timeouts.


Best of 25

Best of E-Books 1 to 25 Volume 1
Download Page
A Sampler of the First 4 Years of RefPack E-Books

The creative world of animation has its roots in the art of cartooning, and the history of cartooning extends back centuries. Over the past four years, Animation Resources’ e-books have included thousands of pages of classic cartooning, illustration and art instruction, ranging from 16th century woodblocks to newspaper comics from the 1920s, to powerful political cartoons from around the world, to complete courses teaching the fundamentals of cartooning and caricature… all designed to broaden the horizons of both professional and student artists.

Members and volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and we appreciate everything that the hundreds of people who have contrinuted to our efforts have accomplished. This e-book is dedicated to them.

These two volumes gather together some of the highlights from the first 25 members only e-books. Volume one is provided to the general public to give prospective members an idea of what they will receive when they join. Volume 2 digs even deeper and is available only to Animation Resources members. JOIN TODAY and download both!

Best of 25 E-Book Volume 1
Download Page
Adobe PDF File / 192 Pages / 800 MB Download

MEMBERS CLICK HERE to Download Best of 25 E-Book Volume 2!


Best of 25

Best of Videos 1 to 25 Volume 1 & 2
Sampler Reels of the First 4 Years of RefPack Animation Videos

Some people are under the mistaken impression that animation is a genre, best suited for children’s cartoons. They think that specific established styles and techniques are the only way cartoons should look. It’s easy even for animators to fall into the trap of making cartoons that look just like all the other cartoons on TV and in theaters. But Animation Resources encourages film makers to think of animation as a medium, capable of doing innovative and great things. We encourage our members to think outside the box by sharing unique examples of powerful animated film making that exploit the best aspects of the medium.

In the past four years of Reference Packs, Animation Resources members have had an opportunity to see rarely seen films of all types, from century old silent shorts, to stop motion puppet films, animation from China, Japan and Russia; animated commercials from the early 1950s; classic theatrical cartoons; experimental animation and rare industrial training films… Our intent is not to bring back a “golden age” of animation. We encourage artists to build on the past as a foundation for surpassing it.

These two reels gather together some clips of the highlights from the first 25 members only Reference Packs. The first reel is provided to the general public to give prospective members an idea of what they will receive when they join. The second reel digs even deeper and is available only to Animation Resources members. JOIN TODAY and download both!

Best of 25 Video Reel 1
Download Page
M4V Video File / 18:49 / 434 MB Download

MEMBERS CLICK HERE to Download Best of 25 Video Reel 2!

Tell A FriendTell A FriendTell A Friend
Tell your friends to join Animation Resources!
Download Page
More members mean we can bring you more special downloads.


Problems or questions? Email…

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Friday, March 15th, 2019

Visual Artists: Spend The Most Important 20 Minutes Of Your Life!

Please share… If you are a visual artist or student, here is one of the most important 20 minutes you’ll ever spend in your life…

Animation Resources is a LOT more than just a webpage. For the past decade, we have been building the best collection of reference material for animators, cartoonists and illustrators that has ever been amassed. Using modern technology, we are digitizing priceless artwork, animated films and artists’ biographies and combining them in a searchable database. At this point, the database is a functional prototype- it’s only available to visitors to our facility in Los Angeles. But as Animation Resources grows, we will be able to upload more and more treasures to the internet to share with our supporting members and the worldwide animation commmunity. Our goal is to eventually make this database available over the internet to all of our membership.

PLEASE take 20 minutes out of your day and watch this video. Learn what we are building for the world. I think you will want to pitch in and help. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the most important projects for artists. Joining Animation Resources isn’t just about the perks of joining during our 15th Anniversary Membership Drive. It’s about supporting our Animation Archives Project so the knowledge of the past can be the foundation for animation’s future.

Please JOIN Animation Resources today!

Read about the benefits of membership and get FREE DOWNLOADS…

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